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Email spam. Simple ways to reduce trash email

posted Mar 30, 2010, 8:30 PM by Alkeos Souyoul
Have you ever thought that you or your lovely friends can be the source of a large part of the spam email coming to your inbox? This can be done in several ways.
Suppose that a friend of yours has just forwarded you a nice email message and you want also to forward it to your friends. You have three options. Please try to use the third one.
  1. [unconscious spammer] You press the forward button and fill the to: or cc: field with all of your contacts. Then you press the send button and on the one hand you pass the nice email to all of your friends, but on the other hand you also send an updated copy of your address book to all of your contacts (this is exactly what happens in most cases).

  2. [professional spammer] Take advantage of option 1 users. Collect all of the addresses included in the message you have just received and save them in an email collection file. You may need these addresses in the future if you want to advertise your products through spam email. If your collected email addresses file is big enough you can probably earn some money my selling it to a spam database.

  3. [careful user] Prevent option 2 users extend their spam lists. Carefully spend a minute thinking which of your friends will be happy to be forwarded this nice email message. Do not pass the message to all of your friends. Some of them will hate you sooner or later if you spam them everyday. After choosing the people that your message will be forwarded to, press the forward button. Delete carefully every single email address that has been left from previous forwards of the email and then add your selected friends in the blind carbon copy (bcc:) field. Add just one email address (this could also be you own address) on the to: field and then send your email. Users of this option always set their email client to forward their messages inline and not as attachments. This makes their message easy to read. They also remove all but the last fw: in the subject of their message.