Welcome to Alkeos Souyoul homepage.
Who am I?
My name in Greek is "Αλκαίος Σουγιούλ" (if your browser supports UTF-8 Greek characters are probably displayed correctly).
I currently work on my PhD in Mathematics Education, in the University of Athens, Department of Mathematics.
My research interests are in Calculus Education and I work on Undergraduates' thinking in the fundamental Calculus concepts.
I have also worked on a Comenius 2.1 Training of School Educational stuff project called "CalGeo". This programme was about Teaching Calculus using Dynamic Geometry Tools. More information on CalGeo can be found on CalGeo website.
I have a small publications list, but I am working towards its expansion.
Since 2010 I work at Leonteio Lykeio in Nea Smyrni

Other Interests
I listen and play music. I play Bouzouki, a Greek instrument.
Writing using LaTeX!
Website Design